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Back to work after a two day absence- Always grateful to have a job regardless of the demanding hours. – I can buy things for myself and family as well as start paying off on bills that I have long put off. Friday started on the train to Newark, and when I got off everything looked and felt so unfamiliar to me. Went to a clothing store and bought some threads for the baby shower. Tried on a few hats but I couldn’t find one that I was keen to. (Hats never looked good on me). Picked up a hotdog along the way- the guy always tells me to get to because they are so good. I agree as usual, but still only get one. Next I went to get a cut at the same place where I used to get my locs done. Definitely shocked a few people. Went to Slammetry and saw Jeanann’s feature. Went to Union after for my own feature. I think I did good – not great, very rusty, but overall I felt I hit multiple areas. I wanted to say that I need to find time to do my writing, but I have the time; what I need to do is shift my energy so I can do it on a consistent basis. Sunday was the second of four baby showers for my baby girl Maryah Katherine Godbolt Thomas. She is already loved and there are many people who can’t wait until she arrives.

Today is May 1st —- Today, is May 1st ….. time zooms. I’m really going to set it in stone to change a lot of things — not about myself, but with the things I need to obtain/direct my attention towards.


Return the serve

Friday night and I’m at this lounge writing this in my notebook- I really dislike events that start late, especially when you break your neck to get there on time. There are reasons for everything though. Today has been a very productive and successful day, and hopefully it can be topped off by winning this slam which would enable me to get home tonight instead of tomorrow. Hung out with my sister today – we don’t do it often, but it’s always enjoyable when we do. Much thanks and praise to the Lord for all that he continues to do. – The ride has been bumpy, but my seatbelt is secure. The DJ is killing it right now, nuff respect. (He’s playing Aaliyah- I always go wild when Aaliyah comes on, I really love that woman). Still waiting. (update) — A few people dropped out of the slam for certain reasons so it’s a female poet and I going head to head —- 2 rounds — the host is going to enter the first round and be sort of like a sacrificial, then her and I will battle it out. I’ve been at this venue a few times so I’m fully aware of what the crowd is like – they like more of the sexual/erotic type material which is something I’m not fond of performing. First piece I performed was Wendy, and boy was I rusty lol – did well though, and the crowd enjoyed it. Second piece was B5 and I bodied it hahahaha. So with this venue and their slamming setup, it is based on crowd participation – one of the reasons that I don’t go often regardless if there is a cash prize. Crowd voted and it was somewhat even… somewhat, so with that said we had to do a third round – when I sat down someone from the audience said “You didn’t win?” and I said nope – she said “but you were the only one we heard”… all I could do was laugh. Third piece I did was Yemaya, which was a complete switch up from the other pieces – the crowd enjoyed it… but…. Still the crowd was lukewarm with deciding…. Finally I got the win. Topped off a solid day and I was able to go home lol.


Yesterday was a long but eventful day in my hometown of Franklin, NJ – it just has a vibe that only those from the area can explain – those that visit every now and then can’t understand it, but those who have been here for years can. First headed to New Brunswick for an open mic – didn’t know until about an hour before the event that it was a Michael Jackson tribute— I don’t have any Michael Jackson poems or those that can be directed towards anything he has done so I decided to create one. I first started it off by saying “Your perfection has been etched into my bones” which would have turned into a poem about Michael being a perfectionist with everything that he does, but I changed the line to “Your scent has been etched into my bones” which turned into a poem about a relationship he was in. I really like the poem. Unfortunately the event didn’t happen, but I got a piece that I really like out of it so it’s cool. After I did some memorizing for a piece I’m working on to perform in September. Later on I went back to Franklin at the Caribbean Palace — solid show overall — really like how it came out — I performed a piece, felt good to be up there — after I went a block away to another event — watched my people LNO Warbuckz (Bucklife) perform — overall a productive day.

In and Out

Aug 20th I will be performing at Roselle Highschool in the day, then traveling to the Bronx performing at a back to school drive from 6-9 – bring a pen, pencil, book bag, something for the youth.
El Fogon Center for the Arts
989 Home St. (Corner of Home & Vyse)
Bronx, NY
(2 or 5 train to Freeman)

Sep 3rd
The Melting Pot
El Fogon Center for the Arts
989 Home St. (Corner of Home & Vyse)
Bronx, NY
(2 or 5 train to Freeman)

Sep 10th TBA

Sep 17th Nuyo
HipHop & Poetry
Nuyorican Poets Café

Sep 18th Michael Richardson has put together a new show in Newark on Sunday’s
Broke N Lyrickz
45 Halsey St

Oct 8th TBA

Oct 28th Featuring at Slammetry
The Legendary Starski continues his series
61 Halsey Street
(Lord willing will have several new projects completed)

1 foot (jul 14)

Back at Penn Station again, my usual hang out spot — It’s after 1 – eating Starbursts so I’m wide awake (the sweet strawberry one was nasty as crap lol). Bout to try this sour green apple (hit the spot) – next train is 4:17 (I really want a coke right now) – won’t go as far as saying this has been the longest day of my life because I’ve had some pretty long days, but this one is in the running — so this morning (7/14) I did the usual morning routine and I said to myself “I always forget at least one thing when I leave the house.” I thought that one thing was my glasses cause I remembered them at the last minute, but obviously it wasn’t because I remembered them. On the bus ride to New York I realized I didn’t have all my money with me – I searched and searched in my bag but the money was nowhere to be found- I had in total $9.60 and the bus ride was $11.00. (In my head I wanted to give him $5 and at least have $4 to do something with it, but I gave him the full $9.60) Now what do I do when I get to NY? So I’m at Port Authority now, and I’m asking the cop how to get to Hoboken via foot (cause I’m getting ready to work with no care in the world) He laughs at me and says “many people have tried and failed and have been arrested” I didn’t know there was a tunnel that you had to pass in order to get to the there—smh — he says see if they’ll give you a complimentary ticket. While I’m at the ticket booth a homeless guy is asking me for something to eat – I’m trying to tell him that I have no money, and he’s like “I don’t want any money, I just want something to eat” I tell him the same thing and he says the same thing – he then says I can use my credit card — and I’m like I have nothing at all – but dude is like oblivious to all that I am saying, so I’m finally like “look” and tell him the story, and he’s like did you fall asleep on the train ? etc etc —- and I just ignore him — I’m waiting for a line to move and dude is still behind me like he doesn’t believe me, a girl walks by and he’s like “lemme ask you a question, does her butt…” I’m like “I’m not worried about that right now man” I get to someone who can help me — 2 plus hrs later I’m on the bus to Hoboken – Got to the interview on time, things went well (to me lol) and I’m going back for a second interview on Thursday (Thinking positive) Now – How am I going to get back home with no money ? I will leave parts out, but let’s just say a great friend helped me out along my travels. Ended up going to Harlem for a $500 poetry slam sponsored by Kiss FM and McDonalds – Didn’t win but it was still a good night overall — Stayed at Penn Station and I met Stalley (Stalley is a Hip Hop artist from Ohio) I’ve liked his work since I first saw him on a video (Curren$y’s song address) and have been a fan ever since – it was mad awkward for me, cause I don’t really think I’ve talked to a celebrity before, while other people have met 10’s and 100’s of them – I told him I was a fan and loved his work — I then left then went back to ask for a pic lolol. It was cool though – sent it to him earlier today. Fell asleep at Penn Station though I said I wouldn’t (knowing I was) woke up once thinking I missed the first train but it was only 2:30 lol – got on the train, then the bus, got home, took a shower and was knocked out until after 12 — Happy to be alive, to be able to do certain things —- always thankful.

Touching down..

Soule International Restaurant
Time: ‎7:00PM Tuesday, July 26th
920 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY


will have product with me…. will also, be performing new material…

Saturday was my feature at the Nuyo — had a set I was going with but I switched it up – still worked well — crowd was very live – mostly women, but I didn’t do any erotic pieces…. honestly, I don’t remember the last time i’ve ever performed one… (wendy doesn’t count) i’ve thought of venturing back into that lane, but I don’t know yet — I’ll just let those that do it have it for a lil while longer lolol — but yea, enjoyed myself there – always enjoy being in NY

Went to Slammetry in Newark for a 50 dollar slam and Gemineye feature – rain was off and on but I still made the trek – enjoyed myself – wasn’t as full as last time obviously because of the rain – but sometimes it aint about the amount of people, just the people that are there. Slam was cool, not all that said they were going to enter (guess they were scared or something) showed, but still it was a competitive slam… I came in second, Gibran Thomas took the victory… wasn’t able to stay for the Gemineye feature because I was rushing to get over to Union – Uninvited had a show/slam there…. Slam didn’t happen because there weren’t enough entries, but the open mic and features were all on their A game — I enjoy going to different venues, especially on the same day if possible because you get to have a real view of how diverse poetry can be – not everything you do has a big impact – one piece can hit at venue A, but it can swing and miss at venue B —


This Saturday I will be at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe — 236 East 3rd Street Between Avenue B & C Reverend Pedro Pietri Way
New York, NY 10009

Attempting to do all new pieces — so that means I will be practi – practi – practicing all this week.

Yesterday in NY I attended an event that promoted economic independence… As a race we have all the ideas, all the purchasing power, but we rarely own anything — There were a wide range of vendors/speakers from having good health, to managing your money, to production companies… Each person had informative information with them and a vast of knowledge on their expertise… I was honored to be part of the event and hopefully I will be working with some of the participants in the near future.