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Poetic Assasin

Poetic Assasin is a CD that I created that is not exactly showing off, but CD that showcases the wit, metaphors, wordplay, and other intricate designs that I display here and there when I perform/write. 9 tracks in total — You can purchase it for $5 whenever you see me, or send me a money order for $8 (s&h)


Joseph Thomas

Joseph Thomas was supposed to be a love CD…. it didn’t turn out as such lol… It became more more of an emotional CD — 10 tracks —
You can purchase it whenever you see me for $5, mail a money order to me for $8 (s&h) for a Physical copy

Code Fast Break The is my second CD — 20 tracks— I had a lot of fun making this CD because I knew what I wanted to do after gaining experience from the first time around and having a different ear for the music all together…
I feel this CD embodies what I’m about… many things.

You can get this for $5 whenever you see me, or send me a money order for $8 (s&h)

Breaking Jack’s Box

My first CD… no cover… I didn’t create it with a specific goal in mind, it was more or less to see how I would sound on a compilation of tracks over music, and to quench the desires of those that wanted me to put something out… I’m very proud of it … raw – a lot of gems

You can pick this up for $5 whenever you see me at an event, or you can mail me a money order for $8 (s&h)


1.Intro/Cracked Mask
2. Bell of Jazz
3. G(h)engis Kahn
4. October
5. B5
6. Everytime Memories
7. Cheerleader
8. Grand Ma
9. Glass Eye of The Beholder
10. Yemaya
11. As a Child
12. Say You Will PT2
13. Wendy
14. Upside…Down
15. Upside…Down