Friday night and I’m at this lounge writing this in my notebook- I really dislike events that start late, especially when you break your neck to get there on time. There are reasons for everything though. Today has been a very productive and successful day, and hopefully it can be topped off by winning this slam which would enable me to get home tonight instead of tomorrow. Hung out with my sister today – we don’t do it often, but it’s always enjoyable when we do. Much thanks and praise to the Lord for all that he continues to do. – The ride has been bumpy, but my seatbelt is secure. The DJ is killing it right now, nuff respect. (He’s playing Aaliyah- I always go wild when Aaliyah comes on, I really love that woman). Still waiting. (update) — A few people dropped out of the slam for certain reasons so it’s a female poet and I going head to head —- 2 rounds — the host is going to enter the first round and be sort of like a sacrificial, then her and I will battle it out. I’ve been at this venue a few times so I’m fully aware of what the crowd is like – they like more of the sexual/erotic type material which is something I’m not fond of performing. First piece I performed was Wendy, and boy was I rusty lol – did well though, and the crowd enjoyed it. Second piece was B5 and I bodied it hahahaha. So with this venue and their slamming setup, it is based on crowd participation – one of the reasons that I don’t go often regardless if there is a cash prize. Crowd voted and it was somewhat even… somewhat, so with that said we had to do a third round – when I sat down someone from the audience said “You didn’t win?” and I said nope – she said “but you were the only one we heard”… all I could do was laugh. Third piece I did was Yemaya, which was a complete switch up from the other pieces – the crowd enjoyed it… but…. Still the crowd was lukewarm with deciding…. Finally I got the win. Topped off a solid day and I was able to go home lol.