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Due to the fact that I store so much information in my head, I always believe that I can jot things down when I am ready – with that I sometimes forget things or what I wanted to say gets pushed down the line. Tomorrow I will be starting school again – for my apprenticeship program, we are required to go to school for 5 years… it will be tough, but it will definitely be worth it. I’m no longer working at a FedEx facility, due to the fact that a minority was needed on this specific state job, I moved to a school project in New Brunswick. The whole situation is extremely beneficial to me because I will be working in the daytime and learning at night… There are tons of things I do not know when it comes to electricity so I am very excited about going to class. I wouldn’t say that I hold grudges, but I definitely don’t forget – I know God makes no mistakes, but I was down for a hot second when I got laid off from my teaching job a few years ago due to low enrollment – The lord set it up so that my current job (which of course is building a school) is directly across from where I was laid off from.

Bunch of ideas in my head writing wise, just trying to find the space to put them down on paper/computer – can’t wait.

Looks like I will be heading to the studio on Saturday – tons of material that needs to get recorded.


Though it should be simple, one of the hardest things in the book making process is trying to figure out how it is going to be delivered to the masses – whether working with a company or going the independent route, it has to be official and cost effective. I recently contacted a company about possibly going through them and I must say the back and forth dialogue has been stagnant— for those that know me know that I like things boom boom boom as far as getting the process laid out — Going to look at the independent route – a reader is not going to be like “What – Joseph Thomas released his book through firestarter books?!!! I need 33 copies now.” If any of my readers of this blog has a book out and felt that who they went with was a satisfying process please hit me up.

And we are off

Even when you have time, the problem is still finding it— I have began the early stages of the book – my first one in five years (seems like forever) — So the title of the book is going to be “The Title of This Book” – it is going to have 40 sections (chapters) 5 poems in each section, for a total of 201 poems… yes 201 – the Table of Contents will also be a poem in itself… currently publisher searching/shopping.

In the deep

A few years ago I stated that I was working on two books at the same time – at 99 percent done with one and 75 percent done with the other, I decided to scrap both ideas and start from scratch – the actual poems are still intact, but I have moved on as far as the concepts of the books are concerned. The poems will come out in the future in other projects. Starting tomorrow I will get the ball rolling on a 3 month project to “FINALLY” get my second book out – I will reveal the title, the direction, etc. Apologies to those that have waited so long for another book from me.

No. A.C. Green.

I have always known but this morning I have finally come to terms that I am not an everyday writer – I would like to be, but force pulling words out of my throat is something that I don’t like doing.

Though I currently don’t have the funds to put out the first two books that are 95 percent complete I am working on my third —

After about two years of delays and procrastinating I will finally be hitting the studio next week to record 4 of the current CD’s that I have been working on. The names are: Screaming Mimes, File Cabinet, Filter, and Cloud 9 Lives. Currently I’m going to release it solely on the net, leaving the buyer to set his/her own price – at a later time I may make some hard copies, but right now due to my work schedule and my lil lady this is the best way to go for now.

Screaming Mimes is a project that was built around pure writing – expanding on an idea, metaphors, entendres, wordplay, etc. etc. – the usual me, but in a non brash way. This CD is for the fan of Poetic Assasin, the ones that know that I have a unorthodox way of doing things and that I always come back full circle.

File Cabinet is an 8 track project that puts the listener slightly inside my world – the material is not as intense in the lyrical sense, and I add more seasoning to the actual concepts. There will be other parts in the future.

Filter is a collection of older material, some as early as 2007. They are pieces I’ve always wanted to do things with on a bigger scale but for different reasons I haven’t. 20 Tracks.

Cloud 9 Lives is a relationship CD – not love, not anger, just material that states relationships. 18 Tracks.

As of right now performing is something that I can’t do – I wish I could be on stage and also going to events to hear material from others, but right now it’s not in the cards. It may be early but I’m looking forward to my lil one to grace the stage one day and take over. Though some have the feeling that poetry/spoken word is all about roses and fairies, there is definitely a competitive nature that goes with it, especially in the NJ/NY area. Overall I believe I’m the best (well second best in NJ, the great Amiri Baraka is still alive and well) and love to prove it on a consistent basis, so it does take a piece out of me when I can’t perform, share, and interact with my peers. I’m not looking for my daughter to live through me, but to carry on and surpass what I did and could have done. Not to say that I am done with everything, so please don’t get excited poets lol. I hope that you all enjoy these projects when I put them out and please give me feedback – though I myself may think I am great – I know I am far from it.


Done with the screaming mimes project — just have to finish the last piece and do a bit of editing – but other than that I’m complete — recording either sunday or monday lord willing… Decided to go with 14 pieces instead of 20 — I have 14 complete that I feel fit what I am trying to do with this project so I am going to run with that… after I finish writing this last piece i’m on to the Cloud 9 Lives project.

so far here.

Jan 9th…. the days are already zooming by fast… done with Xmas now people have to worry about Valentines Day… more gifts, its like it never ends. Jan 18th we get to find out if it is a boy or girl… exciting times – – –

Back to work –

13 tracks down for the screaming mimes CD – I should be done with that by the end of the week, and then down to the nitty gritty of things…



The process is slow- reward great. Working on a piece I wrote about 2 months ago… Felt finished then, but with the feeling of the poem back in my bones i thought i could tackle it again… Finished product by Sunday.


Found myself working on the Filter CD, which is a bunch of old stuff that I used to perform or that many have never heard…. I have about 15 tracks situated, so there will be pt2 and 3 and maybe 4 in the future… this CD will have a lot of things I recorded in 2006.