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What do I like?

Last night I had the pleasure and opportunity to attend Verbal Mayhem, a place that has helped my growth as a writer and performer tremendously. It was a great feeling seeing the whole room packed PLUS people being upset because the sign up list was closed. I had to pull a little seniority to get on hah. Couldn’t stay for the whole thing, life is definitely different from back in the day when I stayed until midnight at poetry events and had to be at school for 8 in the morning. Coming back gave me inspiration to do some writing… some good writing lol.


Bat Signal

Last night I had the opportunity to slam for the first time in what seems like forever. The slam was hosted by “Loser Slam” a group that I have been affiliated with throughout my performance “career” lol and I was a part of their 08 and 09 slam teams. Nervous wasn’t even the word – I had a piece that I was memorizing for the past two days that I said to myself “no way” as far as going on stage with it. I calmed down after the first round and managed to pull through as the victor. It felt good getting back on stage though I know I can’t do it as much as I used to. My brother Omar was the feature and he killed it as usual. Up next, getting my music together, Verbal Mayhem on Wednesday and a slam in BK on Friday.

Back in a swing

On Saturday I decided to finally hit up a poetry event… with a line up like Gemineye, Big Mike, and Omar Holmon I knew there was no way in the world I was going to miss it.There’s always this juxtaposition to me with Newark…. on one side I know it’s a place that you have to be aware of your surroundings with, but on the other side there is so much art and talent that you wonder why you’ve taken so long to come back. Some were surprised/ happy to see me while others were wondering who I was. I did something that I wrote before I got there…. received a pleasant response. The open mic list as a whole was strong, bit the features were great. I was able to chop it up with someone at the end of the show that lord willing we can get started on these projects…. I’m going to strip it all down and completely build myself back up.


Last week Maryah attended her third open mic – we went to see a good friend of ours, Sean Battle feature in our home town… I like bringing Maryah not as a way to force poetry on her, but just for her to gain an added appreciation for words and music. Sean did his thing, proud of the fact that he graduated and has received his MFA, many of us “poets” can’t say that… looking forward to see what moves he makes in the future. I performed a piece that I just wrote for a friend, though I said the concept was irregular heartbeats, it was actually imperfect hearts… felt it was a solid piece…. Getting back in the swing of things.


About two years ago I performed at the public library in Somerset… while listening to one of the performers I noticed a woman that was sitting next to me – The woman happened to be my elementary art teacher (I don’t forget faces – I may not be great with names, but I definitely do not forget faces). I gave her my first CD and told her to let me know what she thought — Well I didn’t hear from her but I wasn’t upset, because I was used to that from people… Last week I went to the post office, and what did my eyes see? Once again my art teacher – I stood next to her while she was getting served and asked if she listened to the CD. She was pleased and said that she just had the CD in the car- (not sure if she was telling the truth or not, but it was still nice to hear). We spoke for awhile, and she ended it by her telling me that she knew from when I was a child that I was special, that she knew that I had something waiting to be let out. It was nice to hear – I take pride in knowing that I didn’t go down a negative path when the opportunity presented themselves many, many times.


The goal is to write four projects a day, whether poetry, spoken word, R&B, and/or rap/hip-hop…. Realistically I won’t, but it is worth the thought/try — I have four projects that are complete but still nowhere to record them – listening to them they still take a crap on a lot of projects released, but I’m not pleased enough that I would release them as my official project(s) for 2013 – Once I get to record them, I will release them for free or a small price – ball rolling.

Back to work after a two day absence- Always grateful to have a job regardless of the demanding hours. – I can buy things for myself and family as well as start paying off on bills that I have long put off. Friday started on the train to Newark, and when I got off everything looked and felt so unfamiliar to me. Went to a clothing store and bought some threads for the baby shower. Tried on a few hats but I couldn’t find one that I was keen to. (Hats never looked good on me). Picked up a hotdog along the way- the guy always tells me to get to because they are so good. I agree as usual, but still only get one. Next I went to get a cut at the same place where I used to get my locs done. Definitely shocked a few people. Went to Slammetry and saw Jeanann’s feature. Went to Union after for my own feature. I think I did good – not great, very rusty, but overall I felt I hit multiple areas. I wanted to say that I need to find time to do my writing, but I have the time; what I need to do is shift my energy so I can do it on a consistent basis. Sunday was the second of four baby showers for my baby girl Maryah Katherine Godbolt Thomas. She is already loved and there are many people who can’t wait until she arrives.

Today is May 1st —- Today, is May 1st ….. time zooms. I’m really going to set it in stone to change a lot of things — not about myself, but with the things I need to obtain/direct my attention towards.

The highs and lows.

I have often wished to be a fly, and trail a poet for a week – the one that claims that he/she is the truth – a Paul Piercing persona that speaks of being unstoppable, a Juggernaut of sorts in the land of hush puppies… Just to see what they do as far as their craft is concerned – Do they write, do they read, how do they rehearse, do they have 100 poems in the stash and just like doing the same three, or do they really just have three…. Or have they fallen off so bad that they can never create something as good as the poems they are known for. I used to think poets were these mythical story tellers and warriors with 100’s of poems used for events until I realized that many poets don’t even write poetry or know anything about it – In some ways there is nothing wrong with that — Offensive lineman don’t have to worry about catching the ball, so why should a spoken word artist or an entertainer worry about having a well written piece? — A few weeks back I had a conversation with a wise poet — The conversation hovered around two things – 1. Poets not having depth, i.e. being able to run a marathon with their material – If there were two slams on a Thursday, with both slams being four rounds, many poets would either have to use the same poems in both slams, and if the rules stated that you couldn’t, many poets would be (excuse my German) assed out – which leads me to 2. Many poets are afraid to experiment, whether in public or at home; they feel the need to have to perform their “top poem” instead of doing something they are working on, or something that isn’t expected from them. As a fan and a critic I see those that feel they are local rock stars, it would be nice to see them uphold that title.

The person on stage, is not always the person off the stage — over the years I have heard poems by Chad Anderson and starski that talk about poets, who are they really, and should we believe them or not — it is a complex issue, but I feel it’s all about what you’re trying to get out of the poem/poet. I would hope one isn’t trying to take a poet home based off one poem — our job is to make you believe

For the past 2 ½ months there have been rumblings of poets performing other poets material without giving them credit, and some who have been caught claiming poems as their own. I remember back in the day on internet sites, poets would get caught posting stuff that wasn’t their own – I’d just shake my head and kept it moving –It’s sad when poets do that for whatever reason (attention, popularity, low self esteem, etc) That is all, just sad.