Back at Penn Station again, my usual hang out spot — It’s after 1 – eating Starbursts so I’m wide awake (the sweet strawberry one was nasty as crap lol). Bout to try this sour green apple (hit the spot) – next train is 4:17 (I really want a coke right now) – won’t go as far as saying this has been the longest day of my life because I’ve had some pretty long days, but this one is in the running — so this morning (7/14) I did the usual morning routine and I said to myself “I always forget at least one thing when I leave the house.” I thought that one thing was my glasses cause I remembered them at the last minute, but obviously it wasn’t because I remembered them. On the bus ride to New York I realized I didn’t have all my money with me – I searched and searched in my bag but the money was nowhere to be found- I had in total $9.60 and the bus ride was $11.00. (In my head I wanted to give him $5 and at least have $4 to do something with it, but I gave him the full $9.60) Now what do I do when I get to NY? So I’m at Port Authority now, and I’m asking the cop how to get to Hoboken via foot (cause I’m getting ready to work with no care in the world) He laughs at me and says “many people have tried and failed and have been arrested” I didn’t know there was a tunnel that you had to pass in order to get to the there—smh — he says see if they’ll give you a complimentary ticket. While I’m at the ticket booth a homeless guy is asking me for something to eat – I’m trying to tell him that I have no money, and he’s like “I don’t want any money, I just want something to eat” I tell him the same thing and he says the same thing – he then says I can use my credit card — and I’m like I have nothing at all – but dude is like oblivious to all that I am saying, so I’m finally like “look” and tell him the story, and he’s like did you fall asleep on the train ? etc etc —- and I just ignore him — I’m waiting for a line to move and dude is still behind me like he doesn’t believe me, a girl walks by and he’s like “lemme ask you a question, does her butt…” I’m like “I’m not worried about that right now man” I get to someone who can help me — 2 plus hrs later I’m on the bus to Hoboken – Got to the interview on time, things went well (to me lol) and I’m going back for a second interview on Thursday (Thinking positive) Now – How am I going to get back home with no money ? I will leave parts out, but let’s just say a great friend helped me out along my travels. Ended up going to Harlem for a $500 poetry slam sponsored by Kiss FM and McDonalds – Didn’t win but it was still a good night overall — Stayed at Penn Station and I met Stalley (Stalley is a Hip Hop artist from Ohio) I’ve liked his work since I first saw him on a video (Curren$y’s song address) and have been a fan ever since – it was mad awkward for me, cause I don’t really think I’ve talked to a celebrity before, while other people have met 10’s and 100’s of them – I told him I was a fan and loved his work — I then left then went back to ask for a pic lolol. It was cool though – sent it to him earlier today. Fell asleep at Penn Station though I said I wouldn’t (knowing I was) woke up once thinking I missed the first train but it was only 2:30 lol – got on the train, then the bus, got home, took a shower and was knocked out until after 12 — Happy to be alive, to be able to do certain things —- always thankful.