Back to work after a two day absence- Always grateful to have a job regardless of the demanding hours. – I can buy things for myself and family as well as start paying off on bills that I have long put off. Friday started on the train to Newark, and when I got off everything looked and felt so unfamiliar to me. Went to a clothing store and bought some threads for the baby shower. Tried on a few hats but I couldn’t find one that I was keen to. (Hats never looked good on me). Picked up a hotdog along the way- the guy always tells me to get to because they are so good. I agree as usual, but still only get one. Next I went to get a cut at the same place where I used to get my locs done. Definitely shocked a few people. Went to Slammetry and saw Jeanann’s feature. Went to Union after for my own feature. I think I did good – not great, very rusty, but overall I felt I hit multiple areas. I wanted to say that I need to find time to do my writing, but I have the time; what I need to do is shift my energy so I can do it on a consistent basis. Sunday was the second of four baby showers for my baby girl Maryah Katherine Godbolt Thomas. She is already loved and there are many people who can’t wait until she arrives.

Today is May 1st —- Today, is May 1st ….. time zooms. I’m really going to set it in stone to change a lot of things — not about myself, but with the things I need to obtain/direct my attention towards.