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Truth bubble

Ever since my daughter arrived on the scene, I haven’t been able to write the way I usually do. I have written poems as usual, short ones, a few spoken word pieces, but as far as writing full length spoken word pieces, I haven’t been able to do so. After months of trying figure out what the problem was, and watching my daughter continue to amaze with her intelligence I came to the conclusion that much of what I possessed, now resides with her. The main thing that led me to believe this was the fact that she loved holding pens. Anytime there was a pen around she would always take it up and have it in her hand. Though I loved the fact that she was holding a pen, I was always worried when she started walking around with the pen in her hand- but whenever I took it from her she started screaming I mean screaming like somebody was hurting her. I’ve always told the aspiring artist or artist that was in the middle of writers block that the way to get out of it is to go to a new place, a new venue, something that is not the norm and it will open up your mind and creative process. Being on vacation has helped me tremendously, being around a new atmosphere, new people, it allowed me to open up my mind and have new ideas that’s giving me a fresh fresh fresh feeling.


Greatness Awaits

Being born to two people of high intelligence, I probably shouldn’t be as amazed as I am when Maryah grasps a new concept, but the feeling never dissipates.

It took me a few minutes to figure out which angle to attack this note, but I came up with one that is parallel to the one I have with Maryah currently…. Patience. Before Maryah exited the room she has been displaying greatness, doing things like kicking when I am not around, stopping when I arrive, and going right back to it when I leave again. She has picked up on things so quickly it’s ridiculous – from her rolling, sitting, standing and now walking – little common sense things, and above all her vocabulary – how she hears a word and is now able to put it in the right context on a consistent basis.

Can’t say I can’t believe it has been a year already, because I’ve been looking forward to June 14th 2013. Maryah is growing up at a rapid rate, but at the same time she is still a baby and I have to hold back on many of the teachings I want to instill in her, but I still sneak a few in every so often lol.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL BIG GIRL — can’t wait till she opens up her presents at her birthday party – I purchased three things that I know that you will love — I am proud and honored to be your father – as much as I am teaching you – you are teaching me things that I never thought were necessary


Haven’t really put up any blogs about Maryah, not that I don’t want to, I’m just too busy enjoying every moment of her growth and development (also taking pictures lol) she turns one on Friday — time flies indeed, but I enjoyed playing a role on this flight. I couldn’t imagine having a “baby mother,” having to call and set up times to visit, not seeing her daily… still looking at her… so she has started the process of actually walking, but she will only walk for me, it’s funny and intriguing at the same time…

Last Saturday (9th) the lil one accompanied me on my journeys – She was good the entire day – Had to get fingerprinted for one of my jobs, then we made our way over to my mother’s house – My aunt was partaking in a luncheon at her church so we went over there- it was interesting and amusing to see the variation of looks that I received – some because they haven’t seen me in so long – some because they didn’t know who I was and tried to connect dots, and others because I was with my daughter and no woman to be seen – Because the absence of a father in our community has become a norm, it seems odd to others when one is alone with their child, especially at a young age.


In a few days my lil lady will be six months old – I am glad as I’ve gotten older that I’ve developed a love for photography, because I want to continue to look back at these moments. Though she prefers to stand and try and walk, Maryah is currently in the early stages of crawling and rapidly developing her gross motor skills. Just watching her do certain things is a joy, such as pushing herself up from her stomach and sitting

Connect 2

One of the best experiences to me (so far) as a father, is bottle feeding – it is there that I believe I gain the strongest connection with my daughter. One, I am feeding her, so I am the person that is rescuing her from her crying state, and two , there is a strong eye contact between us as she looks up to see who is feeding her.

Maryah’s Brain

Maryah was in a prince and princess contest on Sunday, and there had to be a talent involved… of course I volunteered to be it lol. What I did was write a poem as her, saying what she is feeling currently.

I was born on June 14th

The same day as a revolutionary leader

And world class athlete

Each feat I can accomplish by putting my feet in the ground

And mind to the sky
I have parents that are on opposite sides of the spectrum

Jovial and quiet- so you can say I am a peaceful riot
Born a Gemini- with gems for eyes
They change from

Grey to sequoia depending on which way the wind blows
My parents show me love under one condition
That it be unconditional
I am not your traditional baby

At three weeks I was scooching- as my dr says
I know I was crawling

I’m falling in love with the way my mother wraps me in her arms
Charms me though I’m not in the mood
Sometimes I wake up with an attitude
An upper level cry and look like

“why isn’t my bottle ready”
Already I’m ready to walk
Sitting just isn’t my thing –
You wouldn’t believe how strong my legs are
One day I will be a star
Though I’ll be well rounded like the moon
Most men would want a son
But my dad says I am definitely not a consolation
He has plans to make me the brightest of all the constellations
I will major in happiness with a concentration on being the best me possible

I have a strong family that will help me through any obstacle
Aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents
That shower me with love and spoil me
One day I will make my mother a trophy –
She loses sleep like I lose my pacifier
But her constant care and attention to detail towards me never expires
I have some fighting words for my daddy-
I caught him making the same exact faces as me yesterday

Each day I learn something new about myself
Did you know my hands are a tasty snack – I was so busy boxing that I didn’t know they could open

thank you to all those that talked to me while i was in the womb, bought gifts and gift cards, and had genuine joy that I would soon embark on this planet

hopefully my smiles, my growth, and all that I accomplish will serve as my appreciation for all that has been done for me.

I am Mariah Kathryn Godbolt Thomas

Innocent and alert
Vivid and diverse
Exquisite while committed to making each person I encounter – happy to have known me.


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has affected Kandace and I during the pregnancy and birth of Maryah. That goes from saying congrats, checking up on us, helping with the baby showers, purchasing a gift, giving advice/encouragement, wishing me a Happy Father’s Day, etc. etc. This is definitely a learning experience for both of us. The pictures won’t come in abundance of our gray eyed baby – every now and then I may put one up, but it will be mostly updates — For those worried that she will be reciting poems and hitting the stage soon, don’t fret, it will be another 3 months before I start with her training.