Went to Slammetry in Newark for a 50 dollar slam and Gemineye feature – rain was off and on but I still made the trek – enjoyed myself – wasn’t as full as last time obviously because of the rain – but sometimes it aint about the amount of people, just the people that are there. Slam was cool, not all that said they were going to enter (guess they were scared or something) showed, but still it was a competitive slam… I came in second, Gibran Thomas took the victory… wasn’t able to stay for the Gemineye feature because I was rushing to get over to Union – Uninvited had a show/slam there…. Slam didn’t happen because there weren’t enough entries, but the open mic and features were all on their A game — I enjoy going to different venues, especially on the same day if possible because you get to have a real view of how diverse poetry can be – not everything you do has a big impact – one piece can hit at venue A, but it can swing and miss at venue B —