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stomach behind

One needs to be two –
To understand
How to dance
Threefol-d imensional


Sophisticated People (person)

I can only write my rough drafts
With a bic

Final drafts
With a pilot

Stress free
Before a slam

No lemonade
Before a performance

It works

For me

I think I got it this time
Admittedly the first time I had no clue
The key is to give her one
Something with a strong symbol that you’re willing to share
Your flesh for more than sexual purposes
Be sexual on purpose
Make sure you perform PDA when you two are out on the street
And refrain from looking at your PDA when at seats in restaurants
Unless it’s to look at the time.
In time her wall will Berlin
She hurling her devotion at you like shot put
Now is your shot to put your work in on another
Someone that knows they are second
And the reason you are doing this in the first place
Don’t do this at a fast pace –
If either of you catch feelings
You may drop the ball on what is stable –
The one that made you stop horsing around
And put new shoes on your feet
Helped you remove the muzzle from your mouth
And speak up in situations that previously
You would have been taken advantage of

2. Name Game

I do not feel like Pac
Nor do I feel like big
I just feel like vomiting
And running away
Ashamed of today’s music
Or lack of it
Lack of creativity,
And the belief
That we no longer believe
In substance

© Poetic Assasin / Joseph Thomas

1. Title (keystyle)

Backed up
By back up
Back when my
B button had
A top I was on
But now it has
Become difficult to
Better or the

© Poetic Assasin / Joseph Thomas

0. Scruff

Tough choice for a happy nomad
Flee or feel
Morsel or remorse … r.l.
How good is Marco.

This forest on my face is quiet
Until fingers lose direction
A tangled tantrum.

.1 Pine

Before we
I knew we
Would never

Before we
I knew we
But would not

How could we
What we


3. The two

Might be nothing
Might be everything
Might be nothing inside of something
Or something inside of nothing
Or nothing at all
Might be everything that I wanted it to be
Believe you me I believe this is the key
Just what and which doors to go through.

Might be everything
So with that
That what I once was
Must be altered

Might be a walker
Might be a marvelous marriage
When alive
Might be a lifeline to tightrope on
A tight rope to choke on

©copyright Joseph Thomas/Poetic Assasin 2013


I hope life treats you the way I did
With a class that has no room for anything else

I hope that life treats you
With a full stomach
And many delights

I hope that life treats you the way I did
No judging, your words held court

Who dropped the ball?

©copyright Joseph Thomas/Poetic Assasin 2013

1. Best

Men.ace racket reduction
reduce trash
compact this
then accordian
according to coordination
nothing will come pass
with this much traffic

copywrite ©Joseph Thomas / Poetic Assasin