Yesterday was a long but eventful day in my hometown of Franklin, NJ – it just has a vibe that only those from the area can explain – those that visit every now and then can’t understand it, but those who have been here for years can. First headed to New Brunswick for an open mic – didn’t know until about an hour before the event that it was a Michael Jackson tribute— I don’t have any Michael Jackson poems or those that can be directed towards anything he has done so I decided to create one. I first started it off by saying “Your perfection has been etched into my bones” which would have turned into a poem about Michael being a perfectionist with everything that he does, but I changed the line to “Your scent has been etched into my bones” which turned into a poem about a relationship he was in. I really like the poem. Unfortunately the event didn’t happen, but I got a piece that I really like out of it so it’s cool. After I did some memorizing for a piece I’m working on to perform in September. Later on I went back to Franklin at the Caribbean Palace — solid show overall — really like how it came out — I performed a piece, felt good to be up there — after I went a block away to another event — watched my people LNO Warbuckz (Bucklife) perform — overall a productive day.