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Due to the fact that I store so much information in my head, I always believe that I can jot things down when I am ready – with that I sometimes forget things or what I wanted to say gets pushed down the line. Tomorrow I will be starting school again – for my apprenticeship program, we are required to go to school for 5 years… it will be tough, but it will definitely be worth it. I’m no longer working at a FedEx facility, due to the fact that a minority was needed on this specific state job, I moved to a school project in New Brunswick. The whole situation is extremely beneficial to me because I will be working in the daytime and learning at night… There are tons of things I do not know when it comes to electricity so I am very excited about going to class. I wouldn’t say that I hold grudges, but I definitely don’t forget – I know God makes no mistakes, but I was down for a hot second when I got laid off from my teaching job a few years ago due to low enrollment – The lord set it up so that my current job (which of course is building a school) is directly across from where I was laid off from.

Bunch of ideas in my head writing wise, just trying to find the space to put them down on paper/computer – can’t wait.

Looks like I will be heading to the studio on Saturday – tons of material that needs to get recorded.


.1 Pine

Before we
I knew we
Would never

Before we
I knew we
But would not

How could we
What we


Back in a swing

On Saturday I decided to finally hit up a poetry event… with a line up like Gemineye, Big Mike, and Omar Holmon I knew there was no way in the world I was going to miss it.There’s always this juxtaposition to me with Newark…. on one side I know it’s a place that you have to be aware of your surroundings with, but on the other side there is so much art and talent that you wonder why you’ve taken so long to come back. Some were surprised/ happy to see me while others were wondering who I was. I did something that I wrote before I got there…. received a pleasant response. The open mic list as a whole was strong, bit the features were great. I was able to chop it up with someone at the end of the show that lord willing we can get started on these projects…. I’m going to strip it all down and completely build myself back up.

Truth bubble

Ever since my daughter arrived on the scene, I haven’t been able to write the way I usually do. I have written poems as usual, short ones, a few spoken word pieces, but as far as writing full length spoken word pieces, I haven’t been able to do so. After months of trying figure out what the problem was, and watching my daughter continue to amaze with her intelligence I came to the conclusion that much of what I possessed, now resides with her. The main thing that led me to believe this was the fact that she loved holding pens. Anytime there was a pen around she would always take it up and have it in her hand. Though I loved the fact that she was holding a pen, I was always worried when she started walking around with the pen in her hand- but whenever I took it from her she started screaming I mean screaming like somebody was hurting her. I’ve always told the aspiring artist or artist that was in the middle of writers block that the way to get out of it is to go to a new place, a new venue, something that is not the norm and it will open up your mind and creative process. Being on vacation has helped me tremendously, being around a new atmosphere, new people, it allowed me to open up my mind and have new ideas that’s giving me a fresh fresh fresh feeling.


I’ve never been big on vacations until I actually get to the destination and i’m able to sit back and relax my body…. no bills, no cars, just the view of the water. Though I won’t be here for long, it allows me to recharge my batteries and get ready for the real world when I return…. but who says this can’t be my real world? Isn’t this what we strive for?

3. The two

Might be nothing
Might be everything
Might be nothing inside of something
Or something inside of nothing
Or nothing at all
Might be everything that I wanted it to be
Believe you me I believe this is the key
Just what and which doors to go through.

Might be everything
So with that
That what I once was
Must be altered

Might be a walker
Might be a marvelous marriage
When alive
Might be a lifeline to tightrope on
A tight rope to choke on

©copyright Joseph Thomas/Poetic Assasin 2013


I hope life treats you the way I did
With a class that has no room for anything else

I hope that life treats you
With a full stomach
And many delights

I hope that life treats you the way I did
No judging, your words held court

Who dropped the ball?

©copyright Joseph Thomas/Poetic Assasin 2013

1. Best

Men.ace racket reduction
reduce trash
compact this
then accordian
according to coordination
nothing will come pass
with this much traffic

copywrite ©Joseph Thomas / Poetic Assasin


My Grandmother was always adamant on me getting my own place – not that she was trying to kick me out, but she always made me aware that one day I was going to have to fend for myself. One thing I wished was that I stayed around her and my uncle more often when they were cooking as now that I am older I’m trying to figure things out on the fly. I’ve never had the greatest of living arrangements once I left home, but through the grace of the lord I’ve always been able to have a roof over my head, clean clothes, and food in my mouth (even if it was just ramen lmao). Through my family upbringing I’ve learned to appreciate and make do with the things that I have- which has led me to find comfort in small spaces


I arrived in college thinking of a degree in Journalism, but not the slightest clue of how to get there…

Many years of ups and downs altered my life in ways that I could never have imagined. I learned about independence, heartache, betrayal, ownership, responsibility, friendship, success, fame, accountability, finances.. etc. etc. —- I learned more in those “ “ years than the 17 beforehand.

That’s all you guys are getting lmao – nah I will share a little more. The great Jay-Z said, “You gotta learn to live with regrets,” and with that I have a few. 1) I wish I had finished my studies in German and Arabic, two languages that I went in blindly about, and ended up loving. 2) Completed my degree 3) Took more advantage at the endless networking opportunities that were available to me. 4) Kept in contact with the greatest professor/teacher I’ve ever had, Dr. Regina Jennings. Rutgers University.