I think I got it this time
Admittedly the first time I had no clue
The key is to give her one
Something with a strong symbol that you’re willing to share
Your flesh for more than sexual purposes
Be sexual on purpose
Make sure you perform PDA when you two are out on the street
And refrain from looking at your PDA when at seats in restaurants
Unless it’s to look at the time.
In time her wall will Berlin
She hurling her devotion at you like shot put
Now is your shot to put your work in on another
Someone that knows they are second
And the reason you are doing this in the first place
Don’t do this at a fast pace –
If either of you catch feelings
You may drop the ball on what is stable –
The one that made you stop horsing around
And put new shoes on your feet
Helped you remove the muzzle from your mouth
And speak up in situations that previously
You would have been taken advantage of