having an eventful weekend – took on some overtime yesterday – as much as I love having weekends off and I need my rest after a grueling week – it’s very hard to turn down time and a half money. Banged out the 8 hours and came home to my ladies.

I’ve come to the realization that though I would like to get/stay in shape, the gym isn’t for me – I just don’t have that mindset to go on a consistent basis and perform the necessary tasks to stay in shape — at the same time I have a tremendous will that if I want to do something I will — sounds oxymoronish but it isn’t… anyway – I purchased a gym machine “the rack” and will be using it starting tomorrow — I fully expect to not complete any of the tasks and for me to take awhile before I get going — (haven’t) worked out worked out since highschool — Kandace and I also went grocery shopping and bought nothing but healthy food — the key is to keep the determination flowing and stick to the goals set – fast food is very enticing, but losing this belly and man boobs is even more enticing. will keep you all updated on my progress.

Thank goodness for the DVR… tonight marks the last episode of one of the greatest shows ever BREAKING BAD — I admit I came onto it a bit late (I started watching before season 3 started) but I caught up rather quickly — looking forward to watching it but sad that it will be over.