Due to the fact that I store so much information in my head, I always believe that I can jot things down when I am ready – with that I sometimes forget things or what I wanted to say gets pushed down the line. Tomorrow I will be starting school again – for my apprenticeship program, we are required to go to school for 5 years… it will be tough, but it will definitely be worth it. I’m no longer working at a FedEx facility, due to the fact that a minority was needed on this specific state job, I moved to a school project in New Brunswick. The whole situation is extremely beneficial to me because I will be working in the daytime and learning at night… There are tons of things I do not know when it comes to electricity so I am very excited about going to class. I wouldn’t say that I hold grudges, but I definitely don’t forget – I know God makes no mistakes, but I was down for a hot second when I got laid off from my teaching job a few years ago due to low enrollment – The lord set it up so that my current job (which of course is building a school) is directly across from where I was laid off from.

Bunch of ideas in my head writing wise, just trying to find the space to put them down on paper/computer – can’t wait.

Looks like I will be heading to the studio on Saturday – tons of material that needs to get recorded.