Being born to two people of high intelligence, I probably shouldn’t be as amazed as I am when Maryah grasps a new concept, but the feeling never dissipates.

It took me a few minutes to figure out which angle to attack this note, but I came up with one that is parallel to the one I have with Maryah currently…. Patience. Before Maryah exited the room she has been displaying greatness, doing things like kicking when I am not around, stopping when I arrive, and going right back to it when I leave again. She has picked up on things so quickly it’s ridiculous – from her rolling, sitting, standing and now walking – little common sense things, and above all her vocabulary – how she hears a word and is now able to put it in the right context on a consistent basis.

Can’t say I can’t believe it has been a year already, because I’ve been looking forward to June 14th 2013. Maryah is growing up at a rapid rate, but at the same time she is still a baby and I have to hold back on many of the teachings I want to instill in her, but I still sneak a few in every so often lol.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL BIG GIRL — can’t wait till she opens up her presents at her birthday party – I purchased three things that I know that you will love — I am proud and honored to be your father – as much as I am teaching you – you are teaching me things that I never thought were necessary