“On the assumption that my technique is either complicated or original or both, “ readers and listeners have politely and loudly asked that I provide some type of decipher code – in cypher roads – I take the high one – keeping my ear to the street while watching for loose feet – just for kicks I give brain food to my heart – sticks – and stones may brake bones but I’d use them to record poems if left stranded without paper – wait — waiting for me to reveal the secret to my pieces will take much longer than Jake did to talk – on Fox Five touch – screen – many ways to get to the basket – I prefer one bigger than dorothy’s or something that will give me a shot to apply my many angles without too much pressure –

My pipes were sore – obtained a Cameo from vitamin C so I could run through Halls freely you see _ I witness news that only Bill can Beutel – so I obtained the code from Davinci in order to say Shaggy’s hit song if answer is revealed – it wasn’t me- though obvious to the naked eye – my iris dresses for any and all occasions- on occasions I make things plain Jane – an open path – a broken mask – not hidden but plain sight – making right choices using the brains left side – ambi – waiting for Dex-ter to come back – some tease and though I usually have a good come back – sometimes it’s best to remain quiet and watch others make a fool with all the wrong ingredients- Good evening – hours earlier – good afternoon – though I said I’d be back soon- soon turned into – placed on back burner – things stilled cooked – just couldn’t serve – You all deserve a quality meal – make some room in your stomachs.