About two years ago I performed at the public library in Somerset… while listening to one of the performers I noticed a woman that was sitting next to me – The woman happened to be my elementary art teacher (I don’t forget faces – I may not be great with names, but I definitely do not forget faces). I gave her my first CD and told her to let me know what she thought — Well I didn’t hear from her but I wasn’t upset, because I was used to that from people… Last week I went to the post office, and what did my eyes see? Once again my art teacher – I stood next to her while she was getting served and asked if she listened to the CD. She was pleased and said that she just had the CD in the car- (not sure if she was telling the truth or not, but it was still nice to hear). We spoke for awhile, and she ended it by her telling me that she knew from when I was a child that I was special, that she knew that I had something waiting to be let out. It was nice to hear – I take pride in knowing that I didn’t go down a negative path when the opportunity presented themselves many, many times.