Yesterday my twin turned five months – she is just growing so rapidly – I have a lot in store for her as far as her learning process is concerned. I still remember the day she was born… it’s crazy how time has flown by so rapidly — the first time I was told that time will fly by fast and I actually witnessed it flying by me was my freshman year of high school – A teacher told us that we need to enjoy and cherish these years because they will be over before you know it – we laughed and ignored the warning, then it happened – sometimes when I dream I try to get those moments back. I love the moments with my daughter, and I’m always taking pictures because I know she won’t be this young forever. My performances have been one or two every six months, but each time I do, I still provide the same emotion and intensity as I did when I performed on a consistent basis. I was with a friend yesterday who asked to hear one of my pieces – one about my father, and it sparked a 13 minute conversation – he connected with it – it was good to connect one on one with someone.