Maryah was in a prince and princess contest on Sunday, and there had to be a talent involved… of course I volunteered to be it lol. What I did was write a poem as her, saying what she is feeling currently.

I was born on June 14th

The same day as a revolutionary leader

And world class athlete

Each feat I can accomplish by putting my feet in the ground

And mind to the sky
I have parents that are on opposite sides of the spectrum

Jovial and quiet- so you can say I am a peaceful riot
Born a Gemini- with gems for eyes
They change from

Grey to sequoia depending on which way the wind blows
My parents show me love under one condition
That it be unconditional
I am not your traditional baby

At three weeks I was scooching- as my dr says
I know I was crawling

I’m falling in love with the way my mother wraps me in her arms
Charms me though I’m not in the mood
Sometimes I wake up with an attitude
An upper level cry and look like

“why isn’t my bottle ready”
Already I’m ready to walk
Sitting just isn’t my thing –
You wouldn’t believe how strong my legs are
One day I will be a star
Though I’ll be well rounded like the moon
Most men would want a son
But my dad says I am definitely not a consolation
He has plans to make me the brightest of all the constellations
I will major in happiness with a concentration on being the best me possible

I have a strong family that will help me through any obstacle
Aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents
That shower me with love and spoil me
One day I will make my mother a trophy –
She loses sleep like I lose my pacifier
But her constant care and attention to detail towards me never expires
I have some fighting words for my daddy-
I caught him making the same exact faces as me yesterday

Each day I learn something new about myself
Did you know my hands are a tasty snack – I was so busy boxing that I didn’t know they could open

thank you to all those that talked to me while i was in the womb, bought gifts and gift cards, and had genuine joy that I would soon embark on this planet

hopefully my smiles, my growth, and all that I accomplish will serve as my appreciation for all that has been done for me.

I am Mariah Kathryn Godbolt Thomas

Innocent and alert
Vivid and diverse
Exquisite while committed to making each person I encounter – happy to have known me.