After about two years of delays and procrastinating I will finally be hitting the studio next week to record 4 of the current CD’s that I have been working on. The names are: Screaming Mimes, File Cabinet, Filter, and Cloud 9 Lives. Currently I’m going to release it solely on the net, leaving the buyer to set his/her own price – at a later time I may make some hard copies, but right now due to my work schedule and my lil lady this is the best way to go for now.

Screaming Mimes is a project that was built around pure writing – expanding on an idea, metaphors, entendres, wordplay, etc. etc. – the usual me, but in a non brash way. This CD is for the fan of Poetic Assasin, the ones that know that I have a unorthodox way of doing things and that I always come back full circle.

File Cabinet is an 8 track project that puts the listener slightly inside my world – the material is not as intense in the lyrical sense, and I add more seasoning to the actual concepts. There will be other parts in the future.

Filter is a collection of older material, some as early as 2007. They are pieces I’ve always wanted to do things with on a bigger scale but for different reasons I haven’t. 20 Tracks.

Cloud 9 Lives is a relationship CD – not love, not anger, just material that states relationships. 18 Tracks.

As of right now performing is something that I can’t do – I wish I could be on stage and also going to events to hear material from others, but right now it’s not in the cards. It may be early but I’m looking forward to my lil one to grace the stage one day and take over. Though some have the feeling that poetry/spoken word is all about roses and fairies, there is definitely a competitive nature that goes with it, especially in the NJ/NY area. Overall I believe I’m the best (well second best in NJ, the great Amiri Baraka is still alive and well) and love to prove it on a consistent basis, so it does take a piece out of me when I can’t perform, share, and interact with my peers. I’m not looking for my daughter to live through me, but to carry on and surpass what I did and could have done. Not to say that I am done with everything, so please don’t get excited poets lol. I hope that you all enjoy these projects when I put them out and please give me feedback – though I myself may think I am great – I know I am far from it.