Been reading and listening to the comments and reports about the Junior Seau situation over the past few days. In today’s world from a fans eye, it’s uncommon to hear someone say they are actual fans of a player but not the team. Growing up I was a huge Dikembe Mutombo fan, loved watching Payton and Stockton play, and admired Reggie Miller, Iverson and Malone — My team was the Bulls and stayed that way even when I started liking the Lakers when this guy named Kobe Bryant came along. I was always a fan of Junior Seau, I just felt he played hard and was dedicated to making everyone around him better — The Chargers however; I was never a fan of. I don’t remember the entire conversation, and I don’t feel like rehashing it on facebook, but it went something along the lines of the guy being upset that Seau committed suicide and saying that he had all the money in the world, why would he do that? – I responded with something like “money can’t heal a heart” and he flicked my thought to the side then said “He could get any girl in the world if he wanted.” At that time I realized I was debating with an idiot, and even more so after he told ME that I wasn’t making any sense. I sensed frustration in his words, like he had thoughts of suicide or wanted to die but it didn’t work.

Before going through my state of depression, I always looked down on people who were depressed, told them to “man or toughen up” – it was like a mythical being to me…. Until it happened to me — it hits you hard, sometimes leading to wanting to kill yourself. I’m not sure what Junior was going through, but to him it was enough to take his life. It was sad watching his Mother talk about how much she misses her son and how she asked God to take her instead but it was too late — I thought about that a lot, how my entire family would feel and how’d they be able to continue on a daily basis. Sad situation, especially for him and throughout his playing career how he kept his personal feelings/injuries to himself.