There are many songs/albums that I was raised on, songs that I would hear so much that I would hear them even if they weren’t playing. Reggae was always a constant – The list of artists was endless. Rap was played in handfuls – I remember the first time my uncle showed me the “Paid in Full” album and an NWA tape. R&B was played at my Mother’s house, a lot of Janet Jackson, R. Kelly, Brownstone, New Edition, and everything new that came out in the genre. One artist that I wasn’t raised on was Sade. Sade was an interesting cover to me, an interesting video, and a hypnotic melody. “No Ordinary Love” was the first Sade song that I heard, and I was hooked, hooked, hooked. When I was a little older I remember people saying that Sade’s music was what you listened to when you wanted to go to sleep. I understood what they were saying but seeing as I starting listening to her at a young age I saw her music as anything but something that would put you to sleep. My mother had her first four CD’s and I listened to them religiously. Her sound was something that I never heard before, a combination of words and music that I couldn’t get enough of. I currently still listen to her second, third, and fourth albums — while not being biased I’ve noticed that her overall sound hasn’t changed, she hasn’t really pushed herself as an artist — but is there anything wrong with that though? If no one is in your lane, if no one is able to do what you can, and you do what you do real well while being praised and making a living off of it, then why change? Overall I love her music, and I have written lots of material using her songs as inspiration.