Seems like I’m always taking time away from this place- always great to be back- The lord has blessed me with a new job- Since losing a stable position in Jan 2011, and not having consistent income for seven months, I have had eight jobs since then with a strong opportunity to receive a career/set for life position in a few months. I’ve been working at my current position for 2 ½ weeks now – the hours are grueling, but I have been able to buy and pay off things since then, and also prepare for the future- sleep at my regular hours has left my side, but other than that things have been decent. Game of Thrones is back!!!! I admit I was late on it, having no interest when season one started – but I started watching it and was immediately hooked. Season 2 is starting off very strongly…. Spartacus ended with an extreme bang — though it was very similar to season 1, it was still powerful.