Money is the root of how we evil, backwards
Back when we had discussions to put weed in a Backwood
Our backs would, hold each other up sturdy- surely- we’d
Battle the cold by combining Dwayne Wade Johnson
Rock and Heat- I go M.I.A for hours a day in order
To give you more than diamonds
Our diagrams of how we would like things to be,
Have drink and food stains
And your independent farm is now inhabited by My grains
And stress pains
Less sane and more in.
In the morning you ask can I hit it- tired from last night’s shift
I kiss your forehead then doze off a….
Cliff notes for our discussions along with a bookmark
Marking a spot in my schedule for spare time to talk to you
I’m never around like the spare tire in my work car
Working so the work of art in your Volks trunk won’t need
The needle on my love tank is on F- though times you make me say
What the F, Shut the F, But I know if there was no effort for our movement,
It would take an L, won’t ie, Life was very gloomy in your absence
Abs sent to boarding school, we have matching bellies
Three’s Company- ready to be Jack Tripper- Jacked an eye patch
Other eye on the sparrow- others will try to pirate-
I pull the boots from your legs and massage your feet
For 3.5 minutes
In its infant stages our love will grow to be- a slaughterhouse
Didn’t make sense, just wanted to add a Joe Budden reference to this poem
Society says that our Virgo and Gemini minds shouldn’t make sense together
We gambled & beat the odds by not making money our only issue
The root of our evil,
So we plant our own breed of tree