Listening to this new Wiz Khalifa tape… can’t front he has picked some hypnotizing beats to make you forget he’s saying the same thing on every track hahah. After this tape I’m on to the Obie Trice mixtape “Watch the Chrome.” Been listening to Fiend on my I-pod, not the “womp womp” Fiend from the No Limit days, but the laid back Fiend that flies with the Jets. The more I listen to music is the more I am obtaining the fact that a solid producer/beat can push your music so much. I’m bouncing to this Khalifa track “Never Been II” and it feels like the beat was custom made for Wiz/Ross/Amber Rose…. She isn’t even needed on the song, but this beat is so crazy that I don’t even care lol.

1 a.m. – still working on this staying up late thing…. So far so good… Wed, my fav day. We will see what it holds.