Been gone for a hot min…. I mean, I think about WordPress every day……. Throughout all my endeavors I’ve remained positive – negativity had a custom made suit for me, but I refused to wear it.

Configuring my I-tunes Playlist for the millionth time; deleting songs I know I will never listen to, reminiscing to others, and bumping into gems I never knew I had. Have the Big Krit mixtape on repeat, this guy is a beast, lyrically and production wise. Went to Wawa’s for some milk and a paper, but left with both and also a sandwich. I haven’t been to hundreds of places for a sandwich, but Wawa’s definitely ranks amongst the best. I’m training myself to go to sleep in the day because of my new job I will be starting this week. I really hate sleeping in the day so it has become a tedious task so far. What I found interesting though, was on the second day of transitioning I felt the whole process of how I fell asleep. My eyes rolled all the way in the back of my head, and it felt like I was staring at a projection screen. Next were series of filmy layers until I could no longer process anything. What made it even more weird/exciting was I was technically awake the whole time.

Watching R&B soul… man there are some good songs on this channel lol. (dancing)