(I wrote this about a week back, then scrapped it when an article came out on ESPN… decided to rewrite a small portion of it).
I haven’t been able to see a lot of Lamar Odom play as Maverick games don’t get broadcasted that much (unless you have the NBA package) but the few games I’ve seen him in (other than the Laker game) he hasn’t played very well. It is unknown to many how life in general can drastically alter your regular mood, that one or two situations can shift your emotions slowly or rapidly. In a course of a months, Odom experienced the loss of a cousin and was in a car accident that led to the death of a pedestrian- those two incidents along with being traded, having the trade rescinded, then asked to being traded from a team he did everything for has morphed him into a shell of the Six man of the year from last season.
I never knew what depression felt like until actually going through it – to be in a position where
you don’t want to do anything at all — it can crush you… hopefully Odom can get through it.