Yesterday was an eventful day – which definitely wasn’t the plan going into Friday. After work I went into an interview that went fairly well (I’ve never heard anyone that didn’t screw up in the process say that the interview went bad, it always went well). Went home for a bit, then the lady and I went to Babies R Us to do the baby registry — wasn’t really my cup of tea, but it was for my daughter and it was also interesting to see what such a small child would and will need throughout the months and years. After Babies R Us we went to Ruby Tuesday’s and I had a meal different from my usual for the first time, as well as about 5 of their biscuits (I even took some home with me lol). After Ruby Tuesday’s we went to the premier of Red Tails — While watching the trailers I was contemplating whether to see it or not – it didn’t really pull me to go, but I ended up doing so…. When it first started I was like o’lord, cause I thought the first few lines spoken and the acting were horrible, but after that was out the way I really enjoyed it —– Terrence Howard did a real good job in my opinion — his lines hit hard — not overly done with the “black power” theme, but his figure was just so powerful and his words towards the pilots stood out tremendously to me. I slightly read the article voicing a concern that there weren’t any black women in the movie , but I wasn’t really thinking about that while watching it — there might have been a moment when the lightning and the sofia/sonya? relationship was occurring, but it was quickly diffused when I said to myself “they are in Italy”. I have no real qualms with the movie overall – I enjoyed it, and would watch it again just to show support — Michael (I don’t know his real name, I just know him as Michael from the wire lol) did a real good job — the alcoholic theme could have been pushed a bit more or not used at all — I felt the character was going to lose his captain position or something of that nature — also there was a character that died before lightning, and he wasn’t even acknowledged lol —- Respect to George Lucas for putting up his own money to release these, I might even go watch the Star Wars series now seeing as I have never seen any of them. Hopefully other Black themed movies will be released in the future other than the Tuskegee story. I went to see it on my own terms, not because someone texted me or through word of mouth, I wanted to see how it was and I really liked it.