We gazed then gave days the day off

Soft coughs cost us our hours of privacy

Privately piracy pried and became our music

Tuned it – riots of violent violet violins

Vibed and abided by crying crimes

Riding rhymes lee and bruce kicked – kissed kiss records

Reckoned the wreckage couldn’t be world class

Whirl pass pools poodles, doodles, oodles, and noodles

Voodoo zoomed you, child to adult – halt colts

But pay tons for the mannings –manic – man it’s

Depressing maniacs pressing on- long swan

Songs sawed, thought thawed awed by flaws

You hide in Michael’s core, a chorus encore

Horus thoughts for us mortals in morsels of clothing

In closing we open hoping clothes pins hold thin

Layers – prayers prey on play thong in a throng environment

Say we, Stacy dashed safely, rather hastily – lather and place

Me on the tallest soap box

Pop tupacs 2pacalypse tape

And duck when put back

Together – we stand

Divided- we fall back to

Normal routine Ager mind

Set- it back up, solid- like

Dominoes , towers. Pizza

Butterflies are Immortal .