I enjoy reading the status updates about “New Year – New Me” and how they are going change – become this newfound person all because the last digit of the year has moved from 1 to 2. Our circumstances and situations may alter but for the most part people as a whole do not. We are who we are.
I thank the lord for starting and ending this year – won’t go through everything that has happened, but there were many times where I wanted to stop completely but didn’t.
As usual the year has zoomed by – There are always a lot of things in store, but it is up to me whether I want to take them out of the store and distribute them to the world. One thing I have noticed is that when I stay positive things come to fruition. I am a natural worrier and when I worry a lot it messes up my forward progress —
Here is to the new year – we will all watch the ball drop, hug, laugh, complain, argue, go to sleep and wake up with the same routine that we’ve always had — I will not be changing anything other than less talking about what I am going to do, and simply just doing it.