I have often wished to be a fly, and trail a poet for a week – the one that claims that he/she is the truth – a Paul Piercing persona that speaks of being unstoppable, a Juggernaut of sorts in the land of hush puppies… Just to see what they do as far as their craft is concerned – Do they write, do they read, how do they rehearse, do they have 100 poems in the stash and just like doing the same three, or do they really just have three…. Or have they fallen off so bad that they can never create something as good as the poems they are known for. I used to think poets were these mythical story tellers and warriors with 100’s of poems used for events until I realized that many poets don’t even write poetry or know anything about it – In some ways there is nothing wrong with that — Offensive lineman don’t have to worry about catching the ball, so why should a spoken word artist or an entertainer worry about having a well written piece? — A few weeks back I had a conversation with a wise poet — The conversation hovered around two things – 1. Poets not having depth, i.e. being able to run a marathon with their material – If there were two slams on a Thursday, with both slams being four rounds, many poets would either have to use the same poems in both slams, and if the rules stated that you couldn’t, many poets would be (excuse my German) assed out – which leads me to 2. Many poets are afraid to experiment, whether in public or at home; they feel the need to have to perform their “top poem” instead of doing something they are working on, or something that isn’t expected from them. As a fan and a critic I see those that feel they are local rock stars, it would be nice to see them uphold that title.