I am awake before the day
Before the sun is able to pierce rays through the holes in our roof –
The hens still have not layed any eggs-So the market is not an option today
Nothing to trade
My child is slipping from my muddy back
I’m trying to make it sturdy again
But such things are difficult when husband is bellowing gargled tones
In your crying drum of an ear

Eating is not an option right now -the 5 mouths in my life come first
The bones in my body weep in succession as they sense a drop in the earth
Water is needed- the pump laughs a stubborn laugh
I beg the old cloth that is wrapped around these buckets of water to hold on
One more time
I see my oldest child walking to school from a distance
He is the rope that will pull us out of this quicksand
The hope that pushes my will power to take a stand
And achieve this 50 min climb back up the hill

Rest comes in the 2 second flicker of an eyelash
The brief pause of a footstep to enjoy the moment
Of a flat surface, I am all too familiar of walking
On rocks and forcing a smirk to pain

Lunch needs to be prepared
I worry when it takes my daughters
Longer than 2 hours to return with the firewood
The sound of gunshots and smoke from a distance
Only heightens my concern
I pray they are safe and that they protect each other

I finally find time to breastfeed the baby
A traumatizing task as the milk fails to flow freely
He screams in anger
I weep in silence

The rope from our broom is starting to come apart
I am trying to not achieve that same fate
No longer am I sitting and hoping for a miracle though
As each moment of the day is important –

It is now 10pm –
Time to eat something
The serving of rice fits in my palm
One grain at a time
Life has dealt me a weak hand
That I use to make a strong fist