Completed a performance piece yesterday – the first one in quite some time. I’m always writing something, but I always have long breaks between performance pieces…. I always need a kick, a certain direction before I go with it. With this piece , it was on my mind for about 4 years, but I didn’t know how to approach it/where to go with it – I had a rough draft version last week and wanted to perform it and see how it sounded (I’m always searching for the right sound of a poem – I know I have a distinct pattern as far as people hear me, but I don’t believe I have a repetitive cadence that tags along with each poem) but it didn’t happen, which happened for a reason — I was able to go back and look at the poem, realizing that the second half of it was garbage so I trashed it and went a different direction — With most of my performance pieces I try to find a balance between the metaphorical and the clear cut reality – though I give renditions of events in my life through the performance, I don’t necessarily want the audience to know every single detail about the situation – I stripped that ideal down for this piece though, and made things a bit clearer in my opinion. I was stuck for a bit until I started playing some instrumentals (which made me find a perfect match to me and now this will be on one of my CD’s lol) and made the gears turn at a rapid pace. Not sure when I will perform this piece though – going to start working on memorization today and movements tomorrow then go from there.