Besides Watch The Throne (which looks like it may receive an even bigger boost in sales with the video for Otis being released last night) two other albums were released this week — Ace Hood and Royce Da 5’9’’ — Ace hood has been out for awhile, his first album didn’t do too well but I always thought he was nice with the lyrics — My opinion is that there wasn’t any room for him at the time. Though he could spit, there were a handful of artists that were already established and/or coming up doing what he was doing as far as rapping – I always joked that he could replace Lil Chukee and be on young money lol. When I saw him on the BET awards I was like ok maybe he can get a boost from this, but nothing materialized —- then Hustle Hard came out (I have a knack for spotting hits before they become a hit – Kick Push, Overnight Celebrity, Hotel, I’m a Hustla) and I was like ok ACE HOOD hahah — the video took forever to come out though, and it took forever and a day for Def Jam to realize they had a hit on their hands

Hustle Hard and Go N Get it are basically fraternal versions of each other and I’m still wondering why they were released back to back of each other – both had the ability to stand on their own. (I especially liked both videos) There are some other Lex Luger sounding songs which don’t really do anything for me – where Ace is at his best is when he acts human, songs like Lord Knows, and Bitter World; that is when you can feel the hunger and honesty in his music. Just recently there was an interview where he was saying that he was on the verge of losing his place and he asked DJ Khaled for help to which Khaled told him to make some hits – Tough love, but obviously something clicked… there is the usual female track in Body to Body with the resurrected Chris Brown that anyone could have rapped on and had the same effect. The album overall is decent – Ace carries his signature flow throughout most of the album, and there are times which he sounds exactly like Wayne… both aren’t a good thing… hopefully this album keeps him around for a bit longer so he won’t have to go back to the hood.

Royce dropped an album in Success is Certain …. I like how it was released after the collab album with Eminem, which should help with sales. I can’t say that I love the album, but I don’t hate it either — I can’t really get into it, but it felt more like he released it to fulfill his contract obligations… he’s obviously spitting “legendary, Writer’s block(almost broke my neck listening to it one time)” but there aren’t any tracks that made me say he’s ready to be in that spotlight, or to handle the top spot — and that’s always been the problem with his albums (other than Street Hop which is a solid-solid-solid album). Eh…