I usually don’t give my full opinions on albums unless writing a review for a paper, but I felt like doing so for this Watch The Throne Album. With two artists as big as Jay-Z and Kanye, the world is expecting the greatest album in the history of albums; with that being said, nothing that was presented would have pleased everyone. Back in the day I never understood fully what Jay-Z meant when he said he stripped a song down, or “dumbed down his lyrics”- In my head I kept thinking, “you’re Jay-Z, show these fools how to rap!”

Watch The Throne is just a beautifully carved album, one that I think came at exactly the right moment for hip hop, and for the two artists in their careers. Jay-Z being 40+ and still showing he can out rap most if not all of his competition (1. With hip hop, our culture thinks that it is something only young people can do, often brushing to the side those that the younger rappers wanted to be like. 2)Making music isn’t a sport, where your talent deteriorates overtime, if anything I feel it gets better, having more experience at crafting material and also having more to talk about/ different ways to approach concepts/ideas) and Kanye keeping the momentum of his return to music after just releasing Dark Fantasy. My opinion is you have to give it more than two listens to really let the music sink in. There are a couple tracks I skip over (unfortunately the track with beyonce, and Why I love you)—Gotta Love It, Niggas In Paris and No Church In The Wild get played all day lol

Estimates have it going gold in its first week of release, and this is merely off of I tunes (the physical release is Friday) . I know we are quick to call albums classic, but this album is nothing less than one.