Had an interesting convo on FB…. just about poetry and if it can be “taught” – everyone had their views and opinions about poetry —- it didn’t get all heated like many FB convos get – people expressed their views and that was that — I will post some things that I said regarding the topic…

1) of course u can – just like u can teach someone to play basketball, or sing, dance, or any other thing in the world that is a skill — Poetry isnt some mythalogical thing from the Planet Neptune that only a few can do

2) tell me what the difference is ? If I am teaching someone to write poetry, my goal is to make them into a poet — they could have some sort of idea of what they want to do but it isn’t coming out as crisp as it needs to be – are you trying to say can someone be taught to be a great poet ? anyone can be taught to be a poet, but we all have our opinions as to who is good at what they do and who is not.

3) this soul reference keeps gettin thrown in the air… like I said before – poetry is not something that is an exclusive club which only a few people can do – yes there are those that have excelled more than others but overall poetry can be …taught – reason we have workshops, seminars, and books — also this rhyming and rhyme scheme thing keeps getting thrown out there too, and poetry is way more than that- we look at many poets and say “that’s trash, or they don’t have it” but that doesn’t mean they will never get it — some just need a bit of guidance / a push in the right direction —- there are some you can bust ur ass and help them each and every day and their work will never get better — who are we to say that the poets that aren’t good to us aren’t bearing their “soul” of course they are — anyone who gets up on stage in front of an audience written or memorized is bearing their “Soul” just some know how to do it in ways that the audience approves of — venues are hit or miss, what might work in NY may not work in Virginia…. i’ve been doing it for awhile too miss : ), but we aren’t hear to discuss accolades — I have seen many a poet that had some tools but couldn’t quite connect with their audiences and was taken under the wing by a better poet and now he/she are well respected by their peers.

4) exactly – we put too many limitations on things and try to bracket it in one specific department — I say i’m a poet if asked, but overall I just like to create

5) I was gunna leave it alone, but since I was addressed specifically I will continue — my inspiration came from plain old wanting to help people who needed it, i’ve always been a helper — I’m not talkin about pointing out someone in the cr…owd and saying hey you- you “look” like a poet – i’m talking about someone has ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings already there and needs help gettin it out — if there werent teachers, oeople who did workshops etc – everyone would just look at def poetry, watch youtube and say “that must be how you do it!” the last thing i’d want is for someone to sound like me, i definitely let that be known that I don’t want that— and I see we are back on this “soul” thing again, — yes, there is poetry that comes from the soul, but there are so many concepts and ideas, why are we limiting poetry to just one fiber — I have a poem that uses personification, I give a chair life – you think I had to go deep into my soul to write a piece about a chair ? no – it came from being creative and having an idea — yes there are poems that I really had to dig deep down for, but I feel we are limiting such an incredible thing which is poetry — there are some that just write, some that love to perform, some that do it for women, some that do it to inspire others – this art form grows daily… and again it’s not like I have a minion of poets in my house or something, but I do help those if they ask – whether it is a line, format, projection of voice, whatever – but it’s not where I am the puppeteer of operations — I know many poets that have learned from other poets though, studied poetry and performance with them and are great poets now – as stated before, we all have our own ideas of how it should and shouldn’t be – some things work for some – some work for others…. I never had someone take me under my wing, but as a youth I was taught about using the least amount of profanity or when/where to use it – how to control the stage etc — because I was “taught” those things, doesnt make me less of a poet than someone who locked himself in a room for 20 yrs and came out this incredible artist

like I said, overall good conversation