Before my feature last Saturday there was an earlier event at the Nuyorican – When I entered I was able to catch the last bit of David Roberts’(D Black’s) performance – skilled in many areas, he always shines in the literary and theatrical department combined. He stayed for my performance, (I would say that it is something the poets don’t do, but I don’t think that I have ever been at an event where back to back shows occurred, apart from the Nationals where a poet performed and stayed for the next event)which gave a lil more pep in my vibe during my preparations. After the show ended and I saw D Black again, the first thing he spoke was “Concepts! Concepts! Concepts!” – I told him that I take pride in having pieces with concepts, (having versatility in my concepts also) and he is one of the artists that I actually watched coming up and still watch to this day. I always enter a poem with a concept in mind – either in the first line or in the piece as a whole, but a concept indeed. Possibly that is the reason why it is hard for me to write a verse (mc’ing) consistently, because I am always thinking of a concept instead of just letting it go. There is a thing about concepts that strikes me – the ability to take something that we think of in our everyday passing and do something spectacular with it – to keep my mind fresh and sharp, and to also give the audience something else – everything is so one dimensional; there are so many talented artists out there, and everyone is doing stuff the same exact way. Hopefully it will come to an end one day lol.