Music. Something I love immensely — like many people, I don’t know where I would be without it — my catalog range isn’t as great as many, but it definitely isn’t one or two dimensional. Something I like doing is waiting awhile before listening to an artist that is or has blown up – I don’t like to bandwagon artists – as much as the internet has hurt the sales of many, it also has helped them as far as making people know they exist… artists such as Blu, Pac Div, Wiz Khalifa, Jean Grae, etc – etc I wouldn’t have known they existed if it weren’t for the internet. I caught air of this cat named James Blake… I must say I’ve never heard a singer with his style — some of his stuff take a minute to catch on to, and some I’m like “what is this crap?” but there is one song that I think is incredible — “Limit To Your Love” I’ve been playing it all day — I knew of Adele for awhile now, and had her mixtape (yes mixtape) but I didn’t really let her music sink in — gave her a full chance yesterday by going back to the 19 album and the 21 album…. “lovesong” ???!!! incredible – that’s all I’m going to say.