Yesterday would have been Tupac’s 40th birthday… or was Tupac’s 40th birthday… the way everything happened was still weird – the whole talk of death, him getting shot, surviving for 6 days, the whole I’m not dead stuff, 100 Makaveli CD’s – it was/has all been crazy… When you look at how many songs he has put out, and how many songs that are still in the vault one must think how crazy his work ethic had to be.

I was always a Pac fan when I was younger, I bought 2pacalypse now and Strictly for my… They were ok albums, but his magnificence didn’t really hit me till I bought Me Against The World… that’s around the time he started wearing glasses and had a certain calm to his music. While my time playing High School Football, there was a guy named Will Baron that loved Pac, and when I mean loved I mean loved him – all he did was talk about Pac — I remember in camp (lol) he would play Pac all the time on his stereo — the one track I remember is this drunk freestyle (me 2pacalypse all I do is ball ball ball) –

I wouldn’t say I have everything pac has ever made cause there have been so many remakes and fake stuff that has been put out over the years, but I do have all his official releases 2pac/makaveli — not everything is great, would never call him the most lyrical, but no one put out better music, concepts, had the most passion, delivery, charisma – Pac just had it all… and what was the most messed up was he was so young too – He had a lot more to offer. Maybe he is dead, Maybe he is in Cuba like many believe and when he dies there will be a boat load of albums released… who knows…