Coffin ?
A coffin ?
What has a coffin done to deserve me ?
For me to inhabit it with my greatness.

Skin me,

Leave my lower body in my favorite chair
Left leg over the arm rest

My upper half stuffed in a closet
Pun intended

Left hand inside of a waste basket
He tried… he tried-

My right hand at this desk
Hidden in prophecies

My skull over a folder
Inside – specific instructions-
A year after my death

Under the folder
My favorite book –
Read it to me daily,
2 pages at a time –
The Quill
My bones
Will all come together
And write

My final chapter(s)


I believed in my maker
He allowed me to live forever
Without shell
Without the physical
I drift among the noises
And check on my posthumous projects –

There are about 5 people
None of them family members
All trying to figure out
Exactly how I would have wanted it

Of course it’s impossible

Someone will come close

A 6th person,
An admirer from a distance
But close to my cadence
My melody
How I am on stage
How I hold my instruments

Asked for permission

Luck is good,
Confidence is better

My enemy
Was my biggest fan.