For artists, athletes, and anyone else for that matter, I’ve noticed how outside interruptions can interfere with what they have perfected – some can bypass it – not to say that those who can’t are weak. With perfectionists – or people that need to have a certain mind set in order to be at their best. I know with myself, little things bother me, like talking on the phone/having to deal with issues before a performance that you really can’t do anything about it because of where you currently are. I remember one time I was leaving work to go to a $100 dollar slam in Jersey City and the lady who I was with at the time called me — In my head I was like “here we go,” but I picked up the phone anyway. Immediately she started to complain about an issue that happened yesterday – I was ready to jump in and get my usual bark on, but I took a breather and calmly explained where I was going and that I needed to be completely focused in order to have the best shot at winning the competition — She understood, apologized and that was that. It was one of the first times that I actually responded in such manner and it ended up with a positive result. I knew that if I had entertained the arguing it would have lasted for about half an hour, I would have entered the place with a scowl, and it wouldn’t have been my best performance. Sometimes I’m zoned out trying to get performance ready, sometimes I’m crazy excited, anticipating getting on stage… I just love the process overall, just don’t interrupt me before it Is complete.