808. Sat morning. There is a feeling of rain in the air, hopefully it doesn’t. Just ate this banging egg n cheese sandwich- took me a min to find a place though, was searching for the best deal- went from 2.50 all the way to 1.99- they didn’t have my usual orange pineapple, had to settle for orange tangerine. Still good. A guy and a lady passed another lady, an the guy literally turned all the way around as she passed by. I’m in NY by the way- I told my boy yesterday I was gunna sleep at Penn station and he was like “ah, just like old times” for people that have never had to, or never had to multiple times, they’d never really understand anything behind it. I’ve received the shocked look, confused, are you serious, you can’t be serious, and the you are a fool look, just to name a few. for some poets, it’s just what we do, we like to travel, move at a different pace, the odd to many is a familiar action to me —- it’s something that is hard to explain so I won’t even try. Last night after the slam and open mic (which was actually morning) I rode around NY cause I wasn’t really tired — my behind was hurting me from the bike seat (someone needs to invent some comfortable bike seats, my lord). It’s interesting what you see when you are taking a back seat to it all – the camaraderie, the anger towards each other, the drunk people, the homeless people, the people looking for something…. And it gets crazier as it gets later.