So friday I first went to Brooklyn to do an open mic…. a few people were there when I arrived – host came late, and he had a problem as far as the feature(s) who cancelled on him – horrible feeling — I don’t remember how it started, but there was a big discussion regarding relationships — I wanted to dive in it, but I was too busy worrying about when the open mic was going to start and what time I should leave to get to NUYO — I got to Nuyo late which made me have to go up first in the slam…. my first piece didn’t do too well, but my second two did well – first was funny, second two were more serious based — which made me do some thinking about my direction when slamming at the Nuyo becuase I’ve noticed this was a common theme as far as my serious pieces scoring better than my funny ones; regardless of how the crowd reacts to it, it’s how the judges feel. I know I am a performer and not necessarily a “slammer” but I love it though, and this season i’m running the gauntlet. Saturday was supposed to be White Plains…. but it was cancelled – traveled all the way there for nothing…. well at least I know how to get there now lol.