So I am back from the Urban Arts Festival …. enjoyed myself for the short amount of time that I was there for… got to see my good friend Aja – always enjoy seeing her – a genius with her artistic mind and abilities.

I did two pieces like I said in a previous post – it’s always hard to get a group of people to pay attention to a speaker – sometimes the rappers/singers have a hard time nevermind me that is solely using my voice — there were two people to the right of me that were talkin mad loud – I had to fight not to stop my performance and ask them if they could stop — but I didn’t want to make a scene, I wanted to be considered to come back another yr, and as a professional you have to learn to perform over things like that (babies crying, loud talking, flying glass bottles, crazy fans etc). A lady bought a CD after the performance which obviously brought joy to me — there is a different feeling when someone comes up to you and asks for a CD, as opposed to the artist asking the audience

Lived in New Brunswick for many years and on many streets, that will always be my home.