I am not dressed
For the occasion.

Breaking up requires
A more delicate fabric
Something to maneuver in
For the worse, can happen.

We happen to be a beautiful couple
A sturdy based couplet

But things such as sturdiness
Sometimes doesn’t work

It is you not me –
Cause once you are gone
I will go back to normal

(damn I’m hungry)

My normal is fractured in the places I have chosen
Smoke made from an ice cube
An incredible fog of


Solitaric (yes when I am alone I make my own words)

I love myself
No room

I have written you a poem
To remember me by –
The concept, is how I will always see you
Because after I leave you
You’ll change,
They always do –
Thinking there was something wrong with them…

When I said on many occasions…

It was me,
It will always be me.