Yesterday I participated in a book fair hosted by Elijah brown at the east orange library. I’ve had my book out for three years and I haven’t done a book fair or an event where my books were out on a table to purchase them. It feels good when you are a poet and you have your own book, but then comes the reality of trying to sell them. One, the people we are trying to sell to sometimes have a phobia with reading, like it is an extinct tradition; and two, people who buy books don’t really have a poetry book high on their lists. I would like to be a poet of this day and age whose books are well regarded and also in high demand. I got to meet and network with many people including a breathtaking woman named Jacqueline who was supposedly shy, but in my opinion had the best approval from the audience. There was a 9yr old young lady selling her chap book, and elders who had material better than at the open mics I attend. This was definitely something I will look into to attend more- I also need to get more books in the near future. Shout out again to Elijah Brown for putting together a memorable event.