Throughout our many years
Of friendship,

I have collected

Your signatures,
Love notes
Friendship notes
Love letters
Friendship letters

The two letters you wrote
One at 8
The other 10
When you ran away from home –
Even though the second time
You were really down the street
In an abandoned…

You bet the house that it couldn’t be done
That I couldn’t find someone
To mimic your handwriting
And if I did,
I wouldn’t have enough money to pay
Him or her


It just so happens that I found someone
And because he despises your ear pinching laughter
Has agreed to do it

Yourself from this room you can’t
The poison
Is like gravity
My existence
I have never been here

Your mouth
One way
My steps
These gloves
This letter

Precisely what you would have written
Precisely How you would have written it