Like many of us knew, nothing happened at 6pm yesterday – the human race is still running, even though many of us don’t know what we are running for or to… I don’t know about others, but I did grow a lil timid when it started storming like crazy at 630 though lolol —

When the day comes it will come…

I don’t think about my death, me leaving my shell, meeting my creator(s), when it happens – it will happen. I will say that – Life, I love it – regardless of what possessions I may or may not own.

My body clock was off yesterday because of my movements…. fell asleep at 8pm – woke up around 1:30 — went back to sleep around 4 – to wake up 830 —– if yesterday I had kept goin to different events and was performing, I could have stayed up until late, but once I stop moving the body shuts itself down….

lots to do now.