Yesterday was the birthday of Malcolm X.

Growing up I never really heard anything about Malcolm X; there were sentences here or there, but I didn’t really learn about him until leaving high school. I remember going to a place in Brooklyn, a lady who was intrigued with my work asked me to come to Brooklyn to get my ideas on a poetry newspaper she put out on a monthly basis. To cut the story short, she had old cassette tapes of Malcolm X’s speeches and interviews, and to hear his delivery and his ability to stay on track when people were trying to question his motives/intentions was amazing —

A friend of mine had his Autobiography on the shelf and I always said I would read it, but I didn’t until years later when I took a class… loved it —

Malcolm was never a violent person, but those that are not in favor of his words portray him as such.

I don’t really see a black person or any person speak out on equality and peace– we are taught to believe that all is well, and when an incident occurs, that’s when you see people coming out of nowhere for a week or two and then dissapear again

But yea, great man he was – overall a great example of how someone can learn from their mistakes and turn their life around